lgbtq+ couple at their urban elopement in saskatchewan


Saskatchewan Urban Elopement | Mak + Jaycee

Hayley Kimmy


March 8, 2023

This Saskatchewan urban elopement was a SCORCHER. I don’t thinking the weather could have been hotter. Just imagine Vegas in August. Makayla and Jaycee re-planned their wedding about a thousand times due to covid. They ended up having a perfect saskatchewan urban elopement in Moose Jaw SK. The day started by having brunch together at Rosies on River Street. Ironically, I sat down at the restaurant and these two walked in. We all ended up having breakfast together! There was chatter about the day that was in front of them. We finished breakfast and Mak and Jaycee went to go get their hair and makeup done.

How this Urban Saskatchewan Elopement Went

Once Makayla was getting her makeup done, I came to their home and got a few photos of these gorgeous girls getting ready. The girls were ready to go. We headed to a quaint “campsite” where they did an intimate first look, then read their handwritten vows. No eyes were dry. After the ceremony, we wondered around downtown Moose Jaw. Our first stop was to Rosies again. Mak and Jaycee had their first date here! To start the day and end the day here was so so special. We took in the summer heat before stopping at Dairy Queen for some cool treats. Did I mention it was plus 37 out? That caramel sundae hit the spot.

The sun started to set and we headed to an open field. Makayla and Jaycee’s dog, Birch. is such a big part of their lives that he needed to be in the spotlight. They ended the day running into the sunset then running home to have some pizza! Elopements can be anything you want them to be. They don’t need to be in a super fancy destination. They can be as simple as staying in your town and doing your favourite things.

I am so grateful Makayla and Jaycee had me apart of their Saskatchewan urban elopement. Thinking about this elopement brings a smile to my face and I am glad I got to relive the day writing this post.


Makayla’s attire: NWL Dresses / Jaycee’s Attire: ASOS / Florist: World of Faux / Hair & Makeup: Colby Jane Hair & Makeup / Earrings: Metis Nimama

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