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Badlands Engagement Session in Drumheller | Shannon + Dillon

Hayley Kimmy


February 28, 2023

Shannon and Dillon chose one of many scenic landscapes in Alberta for their engagement session, the Drumheller badlands! Drumheller is one of my favorite places in Alberta! I love road tripping here to photograph love stories in the beautiful scenery!

Shannon and Dillon’s engagement session is one of my most memorable sessions. Was it because the sky was perfect and moody? Or the way their love for each other kept them warm during the evening? Well, yes and no. On the way home from Drumheller, I was minding my own business and a deer ran from out of nowhere. Then BAM, I hit the dang deer with my car! Thankfully I was okay. My car was a write off, but I ended up getting a shiny new car, so it all worked out in the end! When I got my license at 16, my mom and dad always told me to watch for deer. I guess I just watched a little too closely, haha!

More about S + D’s Engagement Session in the Badlands!

Alberta has such diverse landscapes. There’s scenery for everyone! From boreal forest, to mountain ranges, to wide open prairie land, and of course, hoodoos and badlands. These two love birds decided to have their engagement session at Drumheller’s badlands. You’d think April would be warm for an engagement session, then Alberta says SIKE. It was the last cold week of the year. It was a balmy four degrees celsius, but holy shit that wind made it feel much colder. The wind really gets you in Alberta! Within the first 10 minutes of shooting, we had to head to the car for a break. After that, we headed down a little hill where we had some cover from the wind. I took a step back just to watch how Shannon and Dillon interacted with each other.

They are each other’s world. As long as they have each other, all will be ok. They can tackle any obstacle that comes their way. Thank you so much Shannon and Dillon for trusting me to photograph your engagement session and tell your story!

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